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Floating Butterflies Shawl

Floating Butterflies Shawl


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This gossamer shawl is crocheted from the center/top down in a luscious multi-colored laceweight yarn. The border changes from a mesh background to a double crochet background to add both visual interest, and a little weight to the fabric at the hem so it hangs nicely when being worn. The beginning of the shawl is written out row by row, then, with a little help from some traveling stitch markers, it’s a
short intuitive leap to placing the butterflies and completing the shawl.

This is the perfect travel shawl - it can be dressed up or dressed down, and it weighs next to nothing!

Please note, the pattern is rated ‘Experienced’ not because the stitching is difficult (it isn’t) but because there are no row by row instructions past Row 11, and placing the subsequent rows of butterfly stitches requires some thought on the part of the maker. It is very intuitive after a few sets have been completed but it will be much easier for an experienced crocheter.

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