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Felt Clogs

Felt Clogs

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Knit with double yarn.

Sizes: Women's sm, med, lg and men's med and lg.

To fit US shoe size up to women's 6, (8, 10) and men's (11,13).

Sizes can easily be adjusted up or down by carefully controlling the felting, which is the key to a really custom fit.

Yarn Requirements:
Approximately 500 (540, 580 / 675, 720) yards per pair. This yardage allows for yarn to be held double throughout.

Contrasting cuffs require from 50 to 70 yards depending on size.

Cuffs with novelty yarn require about 35 yards of a thick "fur" type synthetic yarn that will hold up to the felting process.

2-color clogs will require approximately 1/3 of the yardage in upper color and 2/3 in sole/cuff color, but be sure to allow for some extra in each color.

Optional: Fiber Trends suede soles will add both traction and durability to your clogs.

Design by Bev Galeskas

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